Aladdin’s Cave, Lewisham

Where do you start in Aladdin’s Cave? This is one undisputed treasure trove of reclaimed and vintage furniture!

You can’t miss the entrance but you’ll be completely surprised by the size and the sheer number of pieces you’ll find inside this south east London treasure trove. Every type of furniture is available here; chandeliers, vintage frames, old baths and even disturbing mannequins. The further you venture inside Aladdin’s cave, the more furniture you find stacked against the walls, hanging from the rafters or toppled on top of each other outside. Keep going, dig deep and you’ll find something you didn’t even realise you needed.

With no prices on show at Aladdin’s Cave, you’ll need to put in an offer to the owners worthy of your item’s value to leave with that eclectic purchase. Or, just go and have a look around the cave and be amazed by its curation.

72 Loampit Hill, SE13 7SX
Tel: +44 20 8320 2553