My Fish, Deptford, South East London

My Fish, Deptford, one of the best fishmongers in south east London

Name it.  They’ve got it. Salmon, oysters, prawns, clams, plaice, eel, haddock, sole, crab, lobster and oh, so, so fresh. My Fish on Deptford high street offers you a totally eclectic mix of seafood; fresher, substantially cheaper with a radically better buying experience than you’ll EVER find in any supermarket.

Choose your favourite fish, shout out your order, haggle on the price (if you feel so inclined) and then the guys that run My Fish will gut, scale, fillet or remove the bones of your favourite fish in the fastest time possible.
Looking for a new recipe to cook your usual fish fare? Then My Fish could help you. It won’t come from the staff, it’s the friendly customers. Always willing to share their perfect recipe for a Caribbean feast or a spicy alternative to your usual fishy dish.
63-69 Deptford High Street, Deptford
London, SE8 4AA