St Pauls, Deptford, South East London

St Pauls Anglo Catholic church is one of the finest pieces of baroque architecture ever created.

You could never imagine a more engaging structure that immediately beckons you into complete awe. Whether you’re a believer or not, St. Paul’s will completely restore your faith in British designed architecture.

The streets of South East London offer many surprises, none more so than Deptford High Street. Walk down this market street on a Saturday afternoon past the noisy traders, unique food outlets and vibrant local chat and you’ll eventually stumble upon one of the most impressive churches in London.

Perhaps the reason this imposing church doesn’t receive more visitors is that, despite its size, you would never know it actually existed until you’re standing at the end of its churchyard pathway.  Then, somehow, you’re not actually sure how you ever missed it.

Inside this 18th Century masterpiece is a welcoming space. An altar with a beautiful hand painted scene, marble floor, a panelled wooden balcony housing one of the finest organs in London, and then there’s Father Paul. A northerner, with an enigmatic personality, who understands and knows his Deptford parish well and who always puts his heart and soul into every mass.


Visit this church on a Sunday, experience the mass, marvel at the space and have a word with Father Paul – he’ll be happy to chat to you about anything from God to Notts County football club.

St Pauls, Mary Ann Buildings, SE8 3DP